Sunday, September 12, 2010

10th Place - Moore

Event 6: $250 + $30 No Limit Hold'em

Ruibing Lin (Queens, NY) was short-stacked and made his desperation shove. He got no love from the board and was busted in 11th place ($1,429).

The final ten players drew seats and moved to a single table. Here's the lineup:

Seat - Player - Hometown
1 - Jamie Solomon - Bloomington, DE
2 - John Lee - Westwood, NJ
3 - Andrew Badecker - Vernon, CT
4 - Cho "George" Yeung - Manhattan, NY
5 - Chris Mueller - Brooklyn, NY
6 - Brian Nardone - Sewell, NJ
7 - Juan Chin - Astoria, NY
8 - Tony Moore - Emporia, VA
9 - Pedro Menoz - Elizabeth, NJ
10 - John Spagnuolo - Howard Beach, NY

John Lee is the chip leader with ~1.112 million. Jamie Solomon is second with about ~1 million. No one else is anywhere close.

On the first hand, Andrew Badecker was all-in against Cho Yeung. Andrew held 74 suited against Cho's AJ. The flop came A 6 3 extending Cho's lead to a pair of Aces, but the last two came J 5 and Andrew caught a gutter-ball on the river to make a straight and double up. He's back to almost 500k. Cho was left with only ~70k.

Tony Moore - 10th place

Tony Moore busted out in 10th place, earning $1,429, so now they're at the 'official' final table of nine players.

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