Friday, September 10, 2010

11 Players Left at the Dinner Break

Event 4: $350 + $50 PLO
The final 11 players in Event 4 take their one-hour dinner break just two spots away from the money. (Top nine get paid at least $927, with $10,813 for first.)
Anthony Caruso has been on a self-described heater, and dominates the field with 222k. However, he lost a ~30k pot right before the dinner break to the player who is second in chips with 134k. Nobody else has more than 100k, even though the average is 83k. There are quite a few short stacks who will be trying to sneak into the money.
Caruso has said that while the money is nice, he really wants the trophy. His kids don't really understand poker, and a third-place finish (for example) doesn't mean a lot to them. But they understand winning and trophies, and Caruso would like to add another Borgata trophy to his mantel.
The dinner break will end at 9:00 pm, and the tournament will play down to a winner tonight.

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