Wednesday, September 22, 2010

11th place - Sean Nolan - $40,025


Sean Nolan (bb) got all-in against Jeff Papola (utg). Sean's KQ off was racing against Jeff's pocket 4s. The board came A J 2 3 7 and Jeff doubled up to ~3 million. Sean was left with ~1.05 million.

Sean then was all-in again and called by Brandon Novena. Sean's A6 off was again racing against Brandon's pocket 5s. The board came J 7 4 8 3 and Brandon took the pot. He's up to ~6.56 million.

Sean Nolan

After losing two races in a row, Sean Nolan was eliminated in 11th place, earning $40,025.

The final ten players drew for seats and moved to a single table.

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