Sunday, September 12, 2010

12th Place - McCard

Event 6: $250 + $30 No Limit Hold'em

Andrew Badecker (Vernon, CT) opened for 45k, Jaime Solomon (Bloomington, DE) called on the button, then Jon McCard (also Vernon, CT) moved in for 107k more from the small blind. Cho Yeung (Manhattan, NY) called and the other two folded.

Jon McCard - 12th place

Jon had J8 and was behind Cho's AK. Jon paired his Jack on the flop, but by the river, Cho had caught a four-flush on the board to win the hand. Jon finished in 12th place ($1,429).

11 players remain.

On a flop of 9 6 5, Jamie Solomon (Bloomington, DE) got all-in against Andrew Badecker. Jamie was ahead with pocket Jacks. Andrew held K9 for top pair. The last two came 7 J and Jamie doubled up to over 800k. Andrew was left with only ~50k.

Soon after, Andrew was in for his last 39k against Chris Mueller (Brooklyn, NY). Andrew's T5 caught lucky against Chris' AJ when the board came K Q 2 3 5. Andrew doubled to ~100k.

In a battle of the blinds, Pedro Munoz (Elizabeth, NJ) got all-in against Ruibing Lin (Queens, NY). Pedro had T6; Ruibing had Q9. The board came J T 4 2 3 and Pedro doubled up, leaving Ruibing short.

End of level and players are taking ten.

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