Sunday, September 12, 2010

14th - 13th Places

Event 6: $250 + $30 No Limit Hold'em

As I returned to the tournament floor, John Spagnuolo (Howard Beach, NY) was stacking chips. He's now up to 584k.

Michael Scotti - 14th place

14 players remain. Make that 13. Michael Scotti (Queens, NY) busted in 14th place ($1,099).

Dorian Grant (Atlanta, GA) moved all-in for his last 33k, John Lee (Westwood, NJ) called, then Juan Chin (Astoria, NY) raised to 90k straight. Ruibing Lin (Queens, NY) moved all-in for 104k on top of Juan's bet. John got out of the way and Juan made the call, showing KJ suited. Ruibing held AK off, and Dorian was dominated with A2 off.

That all changed on the flop, which came 8 4 2. Dorian took the lead with a pair of deuces. The last two came 4 2 and Dorian took the main pot to more than triple up. Ruibing took the side pot with AK-high.

Playing 10k/20k blinds with 3k antes.

Dorian Grant - 13th place

Dorian's luck did not hold, however. In a battle of the blinds, he limped the small, then John Lee made it 60k from the big. Dorian shoved for 240k all-in and John called, tabling pocket 3s. Dorian was racing with AK. The board bricked out and Dorian was sent packing in 13th place ($1,099).

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