Friday, September 24, 2010

1st Place - Dwyte Pilgrim - $733,802


Kia Mohajeri opened for 1.2 million and Dwyte Pilgrim called.  The flop came K T 9.  Dwyte checked, Kia bet 2 million, and Dwyte called. 

The turn was the 7 and Dwyte led out for 2 million.  Kia shoved and Dwyte snap-called.  Kia turned over K9 for two pair.  Dwyte rolled over QJ for the King-high straight and the current nuts.

'Eight percent away from the title, baby!" said Dwyte.  He's referring to Kia's 4 outs to win, needing a full house to beat him.  There was quite a delay as the house was on their feet roaring.

When the dealer finally burned and rolled the river card, it was the 5 and it is OVER!

 Dwyte Pilgrim - 1st place

Dwyte Pilgrim finished in 1st place, earning $733,602, a $25,000 entry in the WPT Championship, the WPT bracelet, and Borgata trophy.

Kia Mohajeri finished in 2nd place, earning $440,945.

Kia Mohajeri - 2nd Place

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