Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1st Place - Mike Sheldon (Dresher, PA) - $29,386

Event 12: $300 + $50 No-Limit Hold'em

Mike Sheldon, winner

It was a quick heads up battle, with short stacked JT Davis finding a good enough A3 to get his stack in with.  Unfortunately for him, Mike Sheldon had him dominated when he showed his AQ.  Davis did not find his three outer on a AK8 flop.  The K on the turn gave him three additional chop outs, but when the 2 hit the river, Davis was headed to the rail in 2nd place, good for $16,326.

Sheldon entered the final table as the chip leader, and carried that chip lead to the win.  For his efforts, Sheldon will bank $29,386 and the title.

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