Friday, September 17, 2010


Event 16: $1,000 + $90 6-Hand Max NL

Busquet Back at 6 Max

After busting as one of the short stacks in the $1,500, Olivier Busquet is back playing in the 6-max.

"It really wasn't a tough decision," the 2009 Borgata Open Poker Champion says about playing in two events on the same day. "The contrast made it easy. I was so short there ($1,500) that I could push my luck and would be happy to play for awhile because these (6-max) stacks are so deep that with my style, whatever I lose I could get back quickly."

Busquet played the first hour in the 6-max and left 19k on the table when he switched tournaments. When he got to the $1,500 it only takes six hands for him to ship the last of his chips with pocket 5s as he busted short of the money.

Busquet returned to the short-handed game and only missed one set of blinds while he was away.

Level 3 (75/150) is winding down as players are closing in on their first break of the day.

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