Friday, September 10, 2010

A 3-Way Goes Dan Retallick's Way

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit
As is often the case, there has been a lot of action when the players return from dinner.
At Table 1, there was a three-way all-in after a flop of A♠ 107. The big blind was short-stacked and moved all in for 20,300. Then Dan Retallick (Morrisville, PA) moved all in over the top for 72,000. The third player in the pot (late position) asked for a precise count, thought for another two minutes, and called.
Board: A♠ 107
Big Blind: AQ♣ (pair of aces)
Dan Retallick (UTG): A♣ K♣ (pair of aces)
Late Position: 65 (flush draw)
The turn was the K♠, the river paired the board with the 7♣, and Retallick's pair of aces held up to bust the short stack and double through the big stack.
Retallick now has ~215k, though he is seated out of position to the right of Javier Fernandez (~235k), who was second in chips at the dinner break.
Big stacks Dan Retallick (left) and Javier Fernandez

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