Friday, September 10, 2010

3rd - Butler

Event 1: $350 + $50 NL Deep Stack

Ben Butler (S. Williamsport, PA)
3rd - $26,182

One hand can make all the difference in a poker tournament. For Ben Butler it came 4-handed, when his pocket kings ran into the pocket aces of Bill Patterson costing him 5 million chips and half his stack.

"If I win that hand, I knock out two players and we're heads-up," says Butler, who winds up in third place.

Butler ships his last 4 million chips to Mike Wilson when he gets it all-in with A9 vs A10. "I like deep stack play because you get to see more hands and flops, especially early in the tournament. You get a better feel for the players and the table."

The trip back to Central-PA will be a lot smoother after having to convince his wife, who's home with their two young children, that staying to play Day 2 was a good thing.

"I'm not even supposed to be here," he says. "I was just giving a friend a ride and would've gone back last night, but I survived. After I explained it to her she was okay with it and now I can get her a nice gift."

Heads up play is underway with Bill Patterson holding a slight edge over Mike Wilson.

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