Thursday, September 9, 2010

4th - DeGeorge

Event 1: $350 + $50 NL Deep Stack

Andrew DeGeorge (Pitman, NJ)
4th - $21,928

In the biggest hand of the tournament, there's a three-way all-in and Andrew DeGeorge is left on the outside with a 4th place finish.

DeGeorge shoves all-in for 2 million, when Ben Butler repops to 8 million and is quickly called by Bill Patterson.

DeGeorge: K 10
Butler: KK
Patterson: AA

"I picked the wrong time to make a move," says DeGeorge, who missed on slim straight and flush draws. DeGeorge is eliminated while watching Patterson scoop a 12 million chip pot as his aces hold.

"I'm exhausted," said DeGeorge, "But I'm very pleased. This is great."

Play is now three handed as Butler loses half his stack.

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