Monday, September 13, 2010

4th Place - Craig Rubinstein - $7,319

Event 9: $350 + $50 Deep Stack Turbo NL

 Craig Rubinstein can't believe his eyes

At 70k/140k blinds, Wayne Temples opened the pot to 350k before Mike LaTour moved all in for 780k.  Craig Rubinstein made the call, and Temples got out of the way.  It was a race situation as LaTour held KJ to Rubinstein's 88.  The flop gave LaTour a gutshot straight draw when it fell T3A, and he added a flush draw when the turn fell A.  The 4 on the river completed LaTour's backdoor draw and left Rubinstein crippled.

On the next hand, Alex Kuchik opened the pot to 200k and Rubinstein called all in for less.  Temples made the call, and the three saw a 988 flop.  Temples bet out, which forced a fold from Kuchik.  Temples exclaimed, "I have an overpair," as he showed TT.  Rubinstein explained that he hadn't seen his hand as he tabled AT.  When the turn and river fell 52, Rubinstein failed to find an ace to stave off his elimination, and he will exit in 4th place, good for $7,319.

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