Thursday, September 23, 2010

5th Place - Daniel Makowsky - $183,449


Ofir Mor moved all-in from the cutoff and Daniel Makowsky did the same from the big blind.  Ofir's AQ off was dominated by Daniel's AK off.  It appeared that Ofir was destined for a 5th place finish, but the board came A Q 6 7 2 and Ofir took the pot with two pair, doubling up to almost 4.2 million.

 Daniel Makowsky

Daniel was left with only a couple of chips (50k) and was all-in for the small blind on the next hand.  Dwyte Pilgrim called from the button and Kia Mohajeri checked his option.  They checked down the board of J 8 8 J 7.  Kia held 62 off and was playing the board.  Dwyte showed AQ to take the side pot.  Daniel held pocket 5s and was counterfeited by the board.  Dwyte took the main pot as well, chipping up to almost 8 million.

Daniel Makowsky finished in 5th place, earning $183,449.

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