Thursday, September 9, 2010

6th - DeLio

Event 1: $350 + $50 NL Deep Stack

John DeLio (Boothwyn, PA)
6th - $14,564

Mike Wilson gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but John DeLio ends up with crumbs as he's eliminated in 6th place.

DeLio opens for 500k, when Wilson pops it to 4.5 million and DeLio makes the call with QQ. "You got me," says Wilson, "I was trying to make a move," as he turns over A 2.

Unfortunately for DeLio the flop brings an ace and an end to his tournament.

"I like the way I played," says DeLio. "I was tight the first day, loose the second day, and mixed it up at the final table."

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