Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aces Good

Event 6: $250 + $30 No Limit Hold'em

After Brian Munshower (Apollo, PA) raised and got one caller, the player in seat 10 moved all-in for ~6k. "This is the first hand he's played all day" said James Boyle. Brain gave it some thought, then made the call (the other player opted out).

Seat 10 held KJ. "I'm just hoping for diamonds" he said. Brian was ahead with AQ off, but the flop came K J 6 giving his opponent the lead with two pair. Turn was a 6, pairing the board. An Ace on the river gave the lead and the pot back to Brian with a better two pair. Seat 10 thought he had won the pot and didn't realize the paired board gave Brian Aces-up and a better two pair.

Peter Wilinski

On the next table over, a three-way pre-flop all-in was underway. Peter Wilinski (Stanford, CT) had the lead with pocket Aces (both red). His two opponents held pocket Tens (both black) and KJ.

The flop changed everything: KJT, making a set of Tens and top two pair ahead of Peter's Aces. He picked up the gutshot straight and flush draws, though. Turn was a complete blank, the 3. River was the Q, which completed the Broadway straight for Peter. He scooped the pot, sending two players to the rail at the same time.

31 tables remain, so 310 or fewer players are still in action.

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