Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Action Bob" stirs up the action

Event 5: $1000+90 No Limit Hold'em

"Action Bob" Hwang

As the 59 remaining players were headed to break, we caught another monster pot in the process. An early position player opened the pot for 4k and was called before "Action Bob" Hwang moved all in. A 4th player called all in, and the early position player also called, as did the original caller. The hands were then revealed:

Player 1: A K
Player 2: A Q
"Action Bob" Hwang: Q Q
Player 4: A Q

The player with AK had everyone barely covered, but was unable to find an ace or a king to have the triple eliminated. Instead, Action Bob's pocket queens held up through a board of J 5 2 T 6, and he now sits on roughly 150k.

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