Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Balboa vs Creed

Heads Up - Double Elimination ($2000 + $150)

Dwyte "Apollo" Pilgrim

Al Riccobono and Dwyte Pilgrim stage an epic heads up match that could easily have been the poker version of the Rocky script. After 3 hours and 20 minutes Pilgrim wins on a technical knockout that has both players lauding each others game.

"I won't have a tougher match the rest of the day," said Pilgrim who stays alive in the losers bracket, "we both played great the whole time."

"It was like Rocky and Apollo," said Riccobono, who's eliminated after losing his second match. "We both kept throwing punches and getting off the mat."

At different points throughout the match each player held a 3 to 1 chip lead, but each time the other player rallied. After two and-a-half hours they took a break and when play resumed Pilgrim had the upper hand.

"I went card dead," said Riccobono, who finished 6th in Monday's Deep Stack Turbo tournament, "he owned the last half hour. We're good friends and I hope he runs the table."

Pilgrim showed the mutual respect and said, "It went back and forth and wouldn't end. It just wouldn't end."

The end of the match was anti-climactic as blinds were 800/1600 and Riccobono was forced all-in blind with only 50k chips in play.

Pilgrim next faces the winner of the Joshua Hillock and Michael Affa match.

Al "Rocky" Riccobono

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