Monday, September 13, 2010

Bang, Bang - Bubble Breaks

Event 9: $350 + $50 Deep Stack Turbo NL

Danny Does Damage

Danny Vranich (Palm Beach, FL) continues to dominate his table as he crosses the one million chip mark.

First he breaks the bubble with A Q to knock out a 17k stack in 28th place.

On the next hand Vranich raises to 75k, and Daniel Amsalem (Brooklyn, NY) comes over the top for 400k. Mike Latour calls for 58k total and Vranich calls with his 700k stack putting both players at risk.

Vranich: A K
Amsalem: A 10
Latour: 9 8

The board brings the 8 as Latour wins the main pot with a pair of 8s to triple-up.

Vranich wins the side pot worth 300k and takes his stack to 1.1 million, while Amsalem is the first player to cash, taking home $856 for 27th place.

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