Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bhalla claims two victims

Event 5: $1000+90 No Limit Hold'em

Sameer Bhalla

With less than 10 players to go until the money hits, Sameer Bhalla eliminated two opponents and brought the field that much closer to the money.

On the first hand, Bhalla's opponent opened to 13k at 1500/3k blinds, and Bhalla moved all in from the big blind. His opponent called and was at risk as Bhalla had him slightly outchipped. Bhalla had AJbut was up against JJ♣. Nevertheless, the poker gods smiled upon Bhalla when the board fell 23867 to give Bhalla a runner runner flush.

Shortly thereafter, one of the two remaining women in the field pushed her last chips in and Bhalla called from the big blind. This time it was Bhalla with the best hand, holding A♠A to his opponent's AJ. The worst hand did not improve this time with the board falling 7K8♣68 to eliminate another player.

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