Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bubble Bursts & The Payouts Have Already Jumped

Event 13: $170 + $30 No-Limit Hold'em (2 Re-Entry)

Hand-for-hand play on the money bubble had barely started before it burst. It's always nice to make the money without much of a wait. (Except for those players who like to abuse the short stacks trying to limp into the money.) Within another 20 minutes or so, they had already reached the first jump on the payscale.

Level 17 came to an end with 80 players remaining (the top 90 finished in the money), and they took a 15-minute break that included a color-up. The blinds have increased to 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Here are updated chip counts:

Alex Torres - 445,000
Gina Leone - 250,000
Bobby Cheung - 215,000
Paul Spitzberg - 190,000
Mike "Little Man" Sica - 150,000
Luke Smith - 100,000
Mike LaTour - 97,000
Mike Moran - 80,000
Tommy K - 75,000

Gary "Lindell" King - Eliminated
Andre Boyer - Eliminated

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