Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bustouts & Double-Ups at the Featured Table

Event 13: $170 + $30 No-Limit Hold'em (2 Re-Entry)

Well, it's a fast-moving tournament, and the field is already down to 230 players. The packed house from a few hours ago is starting to open up with a lot of empty tables.

Table 3 has not been immune, losing two of the players mentioned earlier. The blinds are at 800-1,600 with a 200 ante.

Craig Rubinstein had been knocked down to just a handful of low-denomination chips when Sidney Wells moved all in from late position. Rubinstein from the big blind without looking at his cards, and Wells turned over KK. Ouch. Wells turned over one card at a time. When he saw the 9, he said, "I'll take the eight of hearts." His other card was the 10, and Rubinstein said that card wasn't bad either.

The flop came A86, and several players pointed out that Rubinstein had picked up a gutshot straight draw. The turn card was the 9, giving Rubinstein a pair and additional outs -- he needed a ten, a nine, or a seven to survive.

But the river card was the 5, and Wells took the pot with his pocket kings. Rubinstein stood up and thanked everyone for being part of a fun table, and that finishes his time at the Borgata. He had a profitable time here, with a 4th-place finish in Event 9 for $7,319, but now he is heading home to his family in New York City.

Joanne Monteavaro was now the short stack at the table, with just a handful of chips. A friend stopped by on the rail and asked her if she was grinding away. She showed him her chips and said, "Not for much longer." He gave her the standard Battle Cry of the Short Stack: "All it takes is a chip and a chair." Monteavaro held up her last four chips and said, "I've got four." The blinds were quickly approaching, but her cards and the betting action in front of her kept her folding a bit longer.

When Monteavaro was in the big blind, Mike "Little Man" Sica and Allyn Marshall faced each other on a flop of J83. Marshall bet 10,000 from middle position, and Sica moved all in from the button for 22,000. Marshall called with 98 for second pair, but Sica showed AJ for top pair. The turn was the A, the river was the 3, and Sica doubled up with two pair, aces and jacks. Sica moved up to 57,000 in chips, while Marshall was crippled down to 3,300.

When Monteavaro was in the small blind, Chris Mochol limped for 1,600 from early position, and Sica raised from the cutoff to 6,800. Monteavaro gave up her blind, and Mochol called. Both players checked to the turn on a board of K104A, Mochol checked, Sica bet 13,500, and Mochol folded. Sica took another pot, moving up to about 68,000 in chips.

Finally, Monteavaro had her chance when everyone folded to her on the button, and she moved all in for 6,300. The Rob Newman raised from the small blind to 12,000, and Jacquelyn Scott moved all in from the big blind for 20,900. Newman called, and it was a three-way all-in situation.

Joanne Monteavaro: Q8
Jacquelyn Scott: KJ
Rob Newman: 1010

The board came J8276, and Scott flopped a pair of jacks to win the pot and more than double up in chips to 50,000. Newman was knocked down to 19,000, and Joanne Monteavaro was eliminated.

Here's an updated list of chip counts for our featured table (Table 3):

Seat 1. Allyn Marshall - 3,300
Seat 2. Joe Mosca - 12,000
Seat 3. Mike Moran - 22,000
Seat 4. Paul Spitzberg - 77,000
Seat 5. Mike "Little Man" Sica - 68,000
Seat 6. Sidney Wells - 42,000
Seat 7. Joanne Monteavaro - Eliminated
Seat 8. Rob Newman - 19,000
Seat 9. Jacquelyn Scott - 50,000
Seat 10. Chris Mochol - 59,000

Craig Rubinstein (formerly seat 10) - Eliminated

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