Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cal Corum Is On the Comeback Trail

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

With 37 players left, and only 36 getting paid, the field is on the money bubble and playing hand-for-hand. Whenever there is an all-in situation, players from other tables crowd around to see if somebody is going to bust.

Players crowd around a table on the Money Bubble

Table 3 has seen the most interesting action on the bubble so far.

With the board showing 9 7 5 10 on the turn, Cal Corum checks from the big blind, and the under-the-gun player bets 39,000 (with ~55,000 behind). Corum asks for a count, and then checks his own stack before he says, "I'm all in." His opponent insta-folds, and Corum takes the pot to build his stack to about 250,000.

Cal Corum (left, seat 10) forces a fold from the player in seat 1

It's a nice turnaround for Corum, who receives congratulations from a few players at his end of the table. They're congratulating him not just for this hand, but for a comeback from being all in as a short stack just 30 minutes earlier.

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