Friday, September 17, 2010

Chip Counts

Event 16: $1,000 + $90 6-Hand Max NL

Jessica Desantis, 23k

As players return from their second break of the day, the big stacks are more than 50k.

The largest so far is Marc Lome (Minneapolis, MN) who's at 74k.

A look at some other counts:

Torpekay "Torpedo" Habashzada 56k
Steve "Wreckin' Ball" Fiorentini 51k
Joey "The B" Brooks 50k
Michael Schneider 45k
Dwyte Pilgrim 33k
Sirous Jamshidi 32k
Mike Leah 28k
Jessica Desantis 23k
Keith Crowder 23k
Tom Marchese 14k
Will "The Thrill" Failla 14k
Matt Matros 12k
Will Jaffe 8k

Level 7 (250/500/50) is underway.

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