Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chip Counts


On the last hand before the break, Christian Iacobellis tossed in 180k, which is not a legal raise, but is half way there, so he was forced to min-raise to 240k. Brandon Novena called from the button and Dan Makowsky called from the big blind.

The flop came J 8 2 and Dan checked, Christian checked, Brandon bet 500k, Dan shoved, Christian folded, and Brandon asked for the count.

Dan's all-in was for 2.095 million straight. After a bit of thought, Brandon surrendered and Dan pulled the pot.

Another level done.

Another break in progress.

Another batch of chip counts:

Dwyte Pilgrim ~ 5.935 million
Brandon Novena ~ 4.755 million
Ofir Mor ~ 4.14 million
Dan Makowsky ~ 3.475 million
Jeff Papola ~ 3.135 million
Drew Youngblood ~ 2.37 million
Lee Childs ~ 2.26 million
Ben Klier ~ 2.035 million
Kia Mohajeri ~ 1.69 million
Christian Iacobellis ~ 1.475 million

Play resumed after the break with blinds of 80k/160k and 20k antes.

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