Thursday, September 16, 2010

Controversy with James Boyd

Event 15: $300 + $50 Seniors No Limit Hold'em

James Boyd (left) confuses his opponent

We caught up with this hand preflop, as the floorman was making a ruling.  Two players had limped in for 3k, and James Boyd had made a raised that was ruled a string raise.  He had crossed the betting line with 7k in chips but apparently tried to verbally make it more than that.  The almost minraise of 4k would stand.  The player in the small blind called, as did the two limpers.

As the flop fell, Boyd was chanting, "Deuce, deuce, deuce!"  He went 1 for 3 as the flop fell 2Q3.  All checked to Boyd on the button, who elected to bet 20k.  This put the small blind into the tank, who was up in arms (literally) about his decision.  Eventually, he folded, and the other two players folded as well, awarding Boyd the substantial pot.  As he was being pushed the pot, Boyd told his tablemates that he had pocket kings.

The field has been thinned to 46 players, with 27 making the money.

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