Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Counterfeited - 3 Pair No Good

Heads Up - Double Elimination ($2000 + $150)

Jack Schanbacher (Pittsburgh, PA)
4th - $12,416

Just three players remain in the heads up tournament after Christian Harder defeats Jack Schanbacher to eliminate him in 4th place ($12,416).

On the final hand Harder opens the betting for 1.7k and Schanbacher comes over the top for 12k leaving only 3k behind. Harder makes it 15k, Schanbacher calls and is all-in.

Schanbacher: A 5
Harder: A 10

Flop: 6 5 4 (Schanbacher leads with a pair of 5s)
Turn: 6
River: A

And with the ace on the river Schanbacher hears a thud as his fives are counterfeited with two pairs on the board. Harder's 10 kicker plays, while Schanbacher's stuck with three pair and is out of the tournament.

Harder now faces Jesse Yaginuma in the losers bracket final. The winner advances to the tournament championship to face Jeremy McLaughlin (5-0) and must defeat him twice to win the title.

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