Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cracking Aces & A Winner By 6:00 pm?

Event 12: $300 + $50 No-Limit Hold'em

The no-limit hold'em tournament has been underway since 12 noon, and while we are still waiting on the official numbers and prizepool information, here's what we've got so far.

The field has just entered Level 8, with blinds at 400-800 and a 75 ante. There are currently 220 players sitting at 22 tables, and each player started the tournament with 15,000 in chips. This is a one-day tournament, so it'll play down to a winner tonight.

Peter Capuano caught a lucky break when he was all in preflop from the big blind with KQ against two other players with AA and AA. The board came 10 9 3 3 J, and the jack on the river evoked some loud shouts of surprise from the table as Capuano rivered a four-outer to make a king-high straight.

Capuano tripled up to 30,000, which puts him at the top of our short list of chip counts below.

Also playing today is Colin Maneval, who is coming off of two deep runs here at Borgata, finishing third in Event 3 on Saturday, and bubbling yesterday's Omaha Hi-Lo tournament.

Finally, Rob Perry called me over to his table to inform me that the guy to his right, Rob "Pops" Matos (I need to double-check that spelling), was going to win this event. Possibly by 6:00 pm. No evidence to back that up, and his chip stack seemed about average. But Perry said he was convinced that Matos was going to win the tournament, and that I should take his photo. To share the blame with the jinx, I included Perry in the same photo.

Rob "Pops" Matos (left) may have been jinxed by Rob Perry

However, as I was taking this photo, Matos picked up a pot with a flop bet, and turned over A-Q for top pair, top kicker with a flush draw. Perry took this as further evidence that Matos was predestined to win this tournament. (Yeah, I really need to confirm the spelling of his last name.)

Tiffany Michelle was also in the field today, but just busted a short while ago. She arrived at the Borgata with Maria Ho last night, so expect one or both of them to play more events this week.

Here are a few updated chip counts:

Peter Capuano - 30,000
Andre Boyer - 29,000
Anthony Caruso - 26,000
Rob Perry - 22,000
Rob "Pops" Matos - 20,500
Joanne Monteavaro - 20,500
Josh Emerson - 20,000
Mike "Little Man" Seca - 16,000
Colin Maneval - 13,500
Tiffany Michelle - Eliminated

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