Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cuong Phung Moves Into the Lead as the Bubble Nears

Event 12: $300 + $50 No-Limit Hold'em

The field is down to 45 players, and the final 36 will finish in the money. We have a new chipleader, as Cuong Phung just eliminated a player to move into the lead.

Chipleader Cuong Phung:
Heading for his second final table this week?

Phung's opponent was all in from middle position with A2 against Phung's J9 in the small blind. One player on the other side of the table asked, "Did he really call with a jack?" Phung already had the big stack at the table, so he could weather the loss.

But the board came J 10 4 K 5, and Phung paired his jack on the flop to win the pot and bust his opponent. That hand took Phung from about 245,000 to 292,000, making him the new tournament chipleader. Phung already has a final table under his belt this week, finishing second in Event 3 over the weekend.

Former chipleader Mike Sheldon is still moving in the right direction, increasing his stack to 280,000 for a firm second place. Here's a look at some of the chip counts:

Cuong Phung - 292,000
Mike Sheldon - 280,000
Celso Garcia - 169,000
Ali Soleimanlov - 160,000
Steve Gill - 142,000
Marco Laviola - 127,000
Andre Boyer - 110,000
Emmanuel Desmarais - 93,500
Eric Doerr - 78,000
David Filippi - 59,000
Peter Capuano - 50,000
Rob Perry - Eliminated

Emmanuel Desmarais was involved in a big pot a short while ago that dropped him below 100,000. With blinds at 3,000-6,000 (500 ante), Steve Gill (Fountain Inn, SC) limped under the gun for 6,000, and Desmarais raised from early position to 22,500. Everyone else folded to the small blind, who apparently has been pestered by Desmarais earlier. The small blind pointed to Desmarais and said, "You! When it's your blind, I'm raising every time, no matter what my cards are." Desmarais just sat motionless with his hoodie up over his head, like he couldn't hear him.

The big blind folded as well, and then Gill paused before he moved all in for 63,800. Desmarais asked for an exact count, and then counted out the necessary chips from his stack to see what he'd have left. Desmarais pulled back his hoodie so he could get a good look on the pot, and he appeared to be doing pot-odds calculations. Desmarais eventually called, though neither player was too eager to expose their cards.

Gill turned over 77, and Desmarais showed AJ -- a race situation. As the dealer prepared the flop, the doorcard was clearly the A. But the flop came A 7 3, and several players reacted as Gill flopped a set of sevens. As soon as he saw the seven, Desmarais pulled his hoodie back up over his head.

The final board of A 7 3 10 10 gave Gill a full house (sevens full of tens) to win the pot and double up to 142,000.

And that's how Emmanuel Desmarais dropped below 100,000.

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