Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 1 Ends With Colin Maneval in the Lead

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

During the final few hands of the night, Dan Retallick three-bet from the button, his opponent moved all in from middle position with K K, and Retallick called with Q Q.

The board came Q J 8 4 7, and Retallick flopped a set of queens to win the pot and bust his opponent. When play ended a few minutes later, Retallick had 346,000.

Day 1 ends with 23 players, and Colin Maneval -- who went from the bottom to the top of the counts during the money bubble period -- finishes as the chipleader. The full list of chip counts will be posted overnight, but here is an unofficial list of some counts we got off the chip bags:

Chipleader Colin Maneval - 511,500

Colin Maneval - 511,500
Bastian Fischer - 352,500
Dan Retallick - 346,000
Perry Johnston - 321,000
Ralph Caparotti - 303,500
Cuong Phung - 256,000
Charles Boncich - 238,000
Jim Martini - 238,000
John Cleaver - 216,500
Javier Fernandez - 184,000
Victor Espinal - 176,500
Roland Israel - 127,000
Deonarine Itwaru - 100,000

Tomorrow (Saturday), the final 23 players will return to the Borgata Event Center at 2:00 pm ET to play down to a single winner. And we'll be providing live coverage here on the Borgata Poker Blog.

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