Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do I Know You?


As the field thins, players are getting to know each other a little better.

To balance tables, Brandon Novena was just moved to table 2 where John D'Agostino has finished stacking his newly minted chips. As Novena unracks his chips, he notices D'Agostino
Full Tilt patch and asks how long he's had their sponsorship.

"I've been with them a long time," says D'Agostino. Andrew Badecker then jumps in and says, "at least since 2004, he was good back then."

D'Agostino laughs and adds, "you're right, that's before everyone got good. Now I just try to get lucky," perhaps referring to his recent come from behind win with AK vs KK to eliminate Sean Knitter.

As the table chat continues, D'Agostino explained that he doesn't play no-limit on-line, but mostly mixed games. Someone else jumped in, saying, "he's a pro, he's one of the guys, who's names show up in red."

During the recent break, Novena, who dabbles with on-line play, clarified that he
was wondering if D'Agostino still played a lot because he didn't see him a lot on-line.

Players are back from a 10 minute break, blinds are 10k/20k/2k ante.

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