Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dwyte Doubles to the Lead


Pilgrim Takes Down 6 Million Chip Pot

In the biggest pot of the tournament, Dwyte Pilgrim raises from UTG to 200k. Sean Nolan makes it 560k from MP.

Pilgrim 4-bets to 975k, Nolan shoves all-in and Pilgrim snap calls all-in for 3.1 million chips.

Pilgrim: A A
Nolan: A K

Flop: Q 5 5
Turn: J (Nolan picks up a straight draw)

River: 3s

The Nolan brick gives Pilgrim the 6.3 million pot and the chip lead.

"When you have a 6 million chip pot you gotta make sure it comes clean," says Pilgrim while he high-fives his rail birds.

Pilgrim, a three-time WSOP circuit event winner, is now in position to make a deep as Nolan drops to 1.3 million.

Pilgrim's Ring Bling

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