Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Dwyte Pilgrim Show


The first hand was finally dealt at the final table.  Blinds are 75k/150k with 25k antes.

Ben Klier raised from the button and everyone folded. 

On the second hand, Ben raised to 325k from the cutoff and Dwyte Pilgrim called from the big blind.  The flop came Q 7 2 and Dwyte checked.  Ben bet 400k and Dwyte called.  Turn was a 5 and both players checked.  River was another 2 and Dwyte led out for 275k.  Ben called and Dwyte showed a 7 for 7s-up.  Ben mucked.

Dwyte took the next pot with an uncontested raise from the small blind.

Dwyte Pilgrim with two of his three WSOP-C Rings

After Ofir Mor raised to 375k, Dwyte raised to 675k from the button.  Ofir called and the flop came J 6 2.  Both checked.  Turn was the 6 and Ofir checked.  Dwyte bet 925k and Ofir mucked.  Dwyte picked up his third pot in a row.

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