Friday, September 17, 2010

Even Stevens

Event 16: $1,000 + $90 6-Hand Max No Limit Hold'em

Steve Wiggins

Steve Wiggins of Douglas, GA, is up to about 300k and very close to Steven Levy, who is also right around 300k. Luke Tsevdos has about 280k and Dan Spirer is also sitting behind about 280k.

On a flop of A95 three players got all their chips in the middle. Ray Shackelford (Fredericksburg,VA) had pocket 9s for top set; another player had pocket 5s for middle set; the third had 76 for flush draw with gutshot. The last two came Q3 and the third player was busted. Ray nearly tripled up and set of 5s was left very short.

On a flop of 3 2 2 with two clubs, Sam Husaynue shoved for ~129k. Luke Tsevdos tanked for a while until Sam called for the clock. Luke eventually mucked his pocket Tens face up. Sam didn't show.

Charles Furey busted out. Ralph Pecorale is out. Jessica Desantis is gone. Brent Keller is also history.

Level 16, blinds 2k/4k with 400 antes.

30 players remain at five tables. Only 27 will get paid, so they're at bubble + 2.

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