Friday, September 10, 2010

Event 1 Champion - Patterson

$350 + $50 NL Deep Stack

Bill Patterson (New Kensington, PA)
1st - $73,638

After two long days and 45 minutes of heads up play Bill Patterson defeats Mike Wilson to win Event 1 of the Borgata Poker Open.

"It feels good," says the 23 year-old on-line heads up specialist, "once it got down to heads up I knew it was pretty much a lock to win."

The final hand comes down to the kicker as both players flop a king, but when Wilson's last 1.5 million is all-in on the turn, Wilson's dead to a 5, as Patterson's jack is way out in front.

Wilson misses the three outer and settles for second place.

"I played well up until the last hour when I played heads up," says Wilson. "Although I think I did the right play, my timing was wrong," he explains when his king high bluff against Patterson's two pairs was the pivotal heads up hand.

"I'm always disappointed, but believe me waking up with $40-some thousand extra isn't so bad. But I would've liked to have had that trophy."

Both players had strong support in the final stages of the tournament. Patterson's friend Brian Munshower, who finished 5th, was on the rail along with several other players from Western Pennsylvania.

"I was crippled early and was down to 10k," says Patterson, who didn't expect to make it through Day 1, but after his all-in J 10 flopped a straight against JJ, he was feeling confident.
"I went on a sick heater during Day 2, so it feels good."

For Patterson this was his second 2010 Borgata final table after finishing 7th in $560 Deep Stack in Event 3 of the Summer Poker Open.

Wilson's cheering section consisted of his girlfriend Christie McKeldin, who was visiting a casino for the first time. The two are on their way to Waterloo, NY where Wilson is set to meet McKeldin's mother for the first time.

"Oh God yes," said Patterson when asked if there will be more pressure in New York than what he felt while playing at Borgata, "I'm not good at meeting mothers."

Mike Wilson (Manassa, VA)
2nd - $43,364

McKeldin with an Eye on Wilson

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