Thursday, September 16, 2010

Event 13 Recap

Event 13: $170 + $30 No-Limit Hold'em (2 Re-Entry)

Justin Cillo (Princeton, NJ) rallied from a 7 to 1 chip deficit in heads up play to defeat Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ) to win Event 13.

"It's my first final table of any decent tournament," says Cillo, who took home $35,173 and the trophy. "This is pretty big for me."

Spitzberg dominated the final table with 7 straight knock outs to get heads up with 8.3 of the 9.5 million chips in play. After Cillo doubled-up, the two played a pivotal hand that gave Cillo two pairs, while Spitzberg had one pair and an open ended straight draw after the turn.

When Spitzberg wiffed on the river, Cillo drew even in chips as they headed towards the final hand. Cillo completed the comeback when Spitzberg was surprisingly at risk with J K vs Q 9. When a 9 hit the flop it was over as Cillo's pair of 9s won him the title.

"Heads up play is anybody's game," said Spiztberg, who collected $20,713 for second place. "It only takes a couple of hands. I don't feel bad."

The 19 hour marathon began Wednesday with 948 entries and finished at 6 am Thursday morning. When the double re-entry period ended after five levels, there was a concentration of recognizable players at Table 3.

Spitzberg was joined by Mike "Little Man" Sica (New Brunswick, NJ), Craig Rubinstein (New York, NY) and Joanne Monteavaro (Bronx, NY).

Throughout the day the chip lead seemingly changed hands every level after the dinner break and into the money as the top 90 players got a crack at the $161,160 total buy-in. Temporary chipleaders included Bobby Cheung (New York, NY), Gina Leone (Brooklyn, NY), Alex Torres (Fairview, NJ), and Billy Meehan (Staten Island, NY)

Cheung (13th / $1,407), Meehan (7th /$5,550) & Leone (3rd / $12,506) all managed their stacks and finished high on the pay sheet. But it's Cillo who finished on top.

He said he used small ball early in the tournament and patience at the final table. "I picked up a lot of small pots and got a few big hands at the right time," he said.

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