Thursday, September 9, 2010

Event 2 Champion - TJ Jaimangal

$200 + $30 Deep Stack Turbo No Limit Hold'em

Playing 150k/300k with 40k antes.

Fran Grotton was pot committed on the blind and got no help on the board. He finished 4th, earning $10,371.

Fran Grotton - 4th place

Giuseppe Pantaleo moved all-in from the small blind and TJ Jaimangal called from the big. Giuseppe held K9 and was trailing TJ's A7. The board came A T 6 8 A and TJ took the pot. His all-in was 4.865 million, so he doubled to almost 10 million. Giuseppe was left with ~600k.

Playing 200/400 with 40k antes.

Giuseppe moved all-in for 560k from the button and Jerry Callahan called (dark) from the big blind. Giuseppe was ahead with A3. Jerry held QJ suited. The board came K 8 5 2 6 and Giuseppe doubled up with Ace-high.

Jerry moved all-in from the small blind and Giuseppe called all-in for 1.4 million from the big. Jerry held J9 and was racing against Giuseppe's pocket 2s. The board was a dry 7 6 4 7 8 and Giuseppe doubled up again. With 2.9 million, he was now ahead of Jerry's 2.2 million.

Jerry opened for 800k on the button and Giuseppe moved all-in from the small blind. TJ got out of the way and Jerry called, showing Q2 suited. Giuseppe held pocket Tens and was ahead, but the board came Q 9 4 J 4 and Jerry doubled up. Giuseppe was back to 685k.

Giuseppe Pantaleo (3rd) and Jerry Callahan (2nd)

After posting his ante and 400k big blind, Giuseppe had only 205k left and said "I'm not going to fold". TJ opted out, but Jerry moved in, showing QJ offsuit. Giuseppe was surprised to find he was ahead with pocket 9s, but they did not hold up. The board came J 5 4 A 2 and Jerry took the pot with a pair of Jacks. Giuseppe took 3rd place and $10,371.

TJ Jaimangal - 1st place

When heads-up play began, TJ had about a 2:1 chip lead over Jerry. It was over quickly and TJ had all the chips.

Jerry Callahan finished 2nd for $16,132. A nice way to celebrate his birthday, which is coming up on Saturday.

TJ earned $28,693 for 1st place, along with the Borgata trophy.

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