Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Event 20: Major Heater

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold'em

The Tony Snarl

While the Championship Event continues in the front of the Event Center, a few tables away the 12 pm tournament is cruising along.

Catching up with Tony Mandia (Long Island, NY), he tells us about two huge hands that takes his stack to more than 200k.

First he has AK against QQ, flops a king and wins a 100k pot. While Mandia is still stacking the chips, he has KQ in a blind vs blind battle.

The flop is Q24and Mandia says that the SB leads out for a big bet, "it was an insta shove and he called." His opponent shows down Q 6 and Mandia's king kicker is boss as he wins a 150k pot.

Now that Mandia has 210k on back-to-back hands, he says he's going to "push people around a little bit."

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