Saturday, September 11, 2010

Perry Johnston Eliminated in 4th Place

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

Perry Johnston picked the wrong time to flop top pair.

After a flop of A K 3, Johnston (small blind) and Cuong Phung (big blind) reraised each other back and forth until they were all in. Johnston had A-7 for top pair, but Phung had K3 for bottom two pair. Phung was the shorter stack, so he needed his hand to hold up to stay alive.

The turn was the 2, the river was the 4, and Phung won the pot, building his stack all the way up to 1,785,000. Johnston was knocked all the way down to 83,000 -- just two big blinds.

Perry Johnston (4th Place)

Johnston moved all in from the button on the next hand, and Cuong Phung flat-called from the small blind. Chipleader Matthew Klein folded the big blind, later admitting he maybe should have called (even with weak cards) to increase chances of busting the short stack.

Johnston showed Q5, but he'd need to improve to beat Phung's AK. The board came K 4 2 K 6, and Phung won the pot with trip kings to finish off Johnston. Johnston finishes in fourth place, earning $13,568.

4th: Perry Johnston (Oak Island, NC) - $13,568

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