Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ralph Caparotti (10th) and Vatthana Souryachak (9th) Bust

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

There have already been two quick bustouts from the final 10 players.

Shortstack Ralph Caparotti said that he'd have to make a move soon (starting the final table with only 5 big blinds), and when he found 33 in middle position, he moved all in for about 100k. It folded to Mickael Morgousky in the big blind, who insta-called with QQ.

Ralph Caparotti (10th Place)

The board came A 9 5 7 7, and the pocket queens held up for Morgousky. Ralph Caparotti was eliminated in 10th place, earning $2,352.

A short while later, Vatthana Souryachak was all in preflop with A-Q against Colin Maneval's A-9. If you remember this post from yesterday (click here), then you know that Maneval started the money bubble with just 40k before sucking out a bunch of times to finish the day as the chipleader.

Vatthana Souryachak (9th Place)

Well, Maneval's run-good returned, at least for this hand, and he paired his nine on the board to win the pot and eliminate Vatthana Souryachak in ninth place. Souryachak earns $3,619. Maneval now has about 765k, and is contending for the chip lead once again.

Colin Maneval

10th: Ralph Caparotti (Frederick, MD) - $2,352
9th: Vatthana Souryachak - $3,619

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