Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Featured Table Developing?

Event 13: $170 + $30 No-Limit Hold'em (2 Re-Entry)

The field is shrinking fast in the no-limit tournament, though we are finding a handful of familiar faces in the crowd. Table 3 has a particularly fun lineup, with Mike "Little Man" Sica, Paul Spitzberg, Joanne Monteavaro, Craig Rubenstein (who finished 4th a few days ago in Event 9), and Sidney Wells (Raleigh, NC).

Most Interesting Table in the Room: Table 3

Earlier today, Spitzberg thought he was doing well when he landed a straight against Wells (who had checked in the dark) on an all-diamond flop. Little did Spitzberg know that Wells had flopped the stone-cold nuts -- a royal flush.

Fortunately for Spitzberg, the pot didn't play too big, and a fourth diamond on the river allowed him to get away from his straight without losing any more chips. (Spitzberg didn't have a diamond in his hand.) Spitzberg doesn't have much room to complain, because he still has a lot of chips in front of him.

Here are some updated chip counts:

Paul Spitzberg - 48,000
Mike "Little Man" Sica - 45,000
Gary "Lindell" King - 27,000
Sidney Wells - 25,000
Dean Schultz - 22,000
Craig Rubinstein - 21,000
Joanne Monteavaro - 15,000

With an interesting lineup at Table 3, at a table that won't be breaking for a loooong time, we may just promote it to featured table status and provide in-depth coverage on the action there for a while.

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