Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Few More Faces, a Few Bustouts, & Lots of Chip Counts

Event 14: $1,500 + $150 No-Limit Hold'em

We've recognized a few more faces in the field. Steve Dannenmann is playing today, as is Nick Binger.

Players who have been eliminated so far include Tom Marchese, Charles Hook, Jeremy McLaughlin, Tiffany Michelle, Todd Terry (busted by Matt Brady), and Joseph Cheong (busted by Olivier Busquett). There are probably a few other notables who have busted, though it's tough to find everyone since the field is still quite large (about 240 players remaining).

Jeremy McLaughlin said it just wasn't his day today, though since he won the double-elimination heads-up title last night, he didn't seem too worried about it. Congrats again to Jeremy for winning the title against a tough field.

November Niner Joseph Cheong may have had a late arrival, but he had an early departure. He wasn't at the table long when he flopped a five-high straight with A-5 on a board of 432x in a limped pot against Olivier Busquet. Unfortunately, Busquet had 92, and another club on the turn gave Busquet a flush to beat Cheong's straight. Cheong is out of the tournament, and Busquett has more than triple his original starting stack (62,000).

At another table, Steve Dannenmann was part of a three-way pot that saw a flop of J108. It checked to the cutoff who bet 5,500, the under-the-gun player folded, and Dannenmann called from middle position. The turn card was the 9, and both players checked. The river card was the 5, Dannenmann bet 7,000, and the cutoff called.

Dannenmann flipped over Q10 for a queen-high straight on the turn to win the pot, and his opponent mucked. That took Dannenmann up to about 44,000, more than double the starting stack.

We mentioned a rumor that Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps might be playing today, but it turned out to be nothing more than a rumor. (Phelps did play in the heads-up event two days ago, but went 0-2 in his matches.)

With the average stack around 25,000 in chips, here's a long list of updated chip counts:

Olivier Busquet - 62,500
Allen Bari - 45,000
Steve Dannenmann - 44,000
Chris McCormack - 42,000
Dale Pinchot - 39,000
Gavin Smith - 37,500
Jason Dewitt - 35,500
Tyler Patterson - 35,500
Will "The Thrill" Failla - 35,000
"Action" Bob Hwang - 35,000
Brian Lemke - 35,000
Robert Cheung - 34,000
Josh Brikis - 33,000
Kevin Calenzo - 31,000
Joanne Dorin - 30,000
James St. Hilaire - 28,500
Roy Winston - 28,500
Matt Matros - 28,000
Matt Brady - 27,000
Gordon Eng - 26,000
Maria Ho - 24,000
Adam "Good Bet" Ehrlich - 23,000
Nick Binger - 22,000
Giuseppe Pantaleo - 21,500
Matt Stout - 21,000
Joanne Monteavaro - 17,000
Josh Emerson - 16,500
Jacquelny Scott - 16,500
Eric Siegel - 14,000
Billy Pilossoph - 13,000
Bill Blanda - 12,000
Christian Harder - 12,000
Andy Rosen - 12,000
Mike Leah - 8,500
Jesse Yaginuma - 7,500
Nancy Todd Tyner - 5,000

Joseph Cheong - Eliminated
Charles Hook - Eliminated
Tom Marchese - Eliminated
Jeremy McLaughlin - Eliminated
Tiffany Michelle - Eliminated
Todd Terry - Eliminated

The blinds are about to increase to 200-400 with a 50 ante.

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