Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Field Shrinking Rapidly; Rivered Flush Beats Flopped Set

Event 12: $300 + $50 No-Limit Hold'em

Once the bubble burst, the short stacks have been busting quickly. Heck, even some of the former big stacks have been busting quickly. Celso Garcia, who was second in chips not too long ago, has been eliminated. Here are a handful of updated counts:

Mike Sheldon - 325,000
Cuong Phung - 275,000
Dan Couzens - 250,000
Andre Boyer - 70,000

Peter Capuano - Eliminated
Emmanuel Desmanais - Eliminated
Eric Doerr - Eliminated
David Filippi - Eliminated
Celso Garcia - Eliminated
Ali Soleimanlov - Eliminated

There was one particularly interesting double-up. Mike Sheldon limped from early position for 12,000, Dan Couzens (West Harbor, CT) moved all in from late position to 110,000, and the button moved all in over the top. Sheldon folded.

Couzens turned over A6, but the button showed 1010. The flop came J 10 9, giving the button a set of tens, and Couzens stood up and prepared to leave. Another player pointed out that spade on the board and said he still had a backdoor flush draw. The turn was the 2, and the same player said, "See? Now you've got outs."

The river card was the 7.

The entire table reacted to the reversal of fortune as Dan Couzens won the pot with his ace-high spade flush. Couzens doubled up to about 250,000 in chips.

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