Friday, September 10, 2010

Final Table of Ten

Event 4: $350 + $50 PLO

Anthony Caruso called the 6k big blind, then the short-stack in seat 6 moved all-in for his last 13k. Richard DeVito (bb) called the extra 7k as did Anthony. On the flop of 9 9 3 Richard bet 15k into the dry side pot and Anthony called. Turn was the J and Richard checked. Anthony bet the pot, which was more than Richard had left.

Richard tossed in the last of his chips, showing K985 for trip 9s. Anthony held A2xx for the nut flush. It looked like they were headed for a double-elimination and the money, but a King hit the river, giving Richard 9s full of Kings. He more than doubled up, while busting the short-stack.

With ten players left, they drew seats and moved to a single table. One more player has to go to reach the money. Here's the lineup:

Seat - Player - Hometown
1 - Anthony Caruso - Medford, NJ
2 - Dan Horam - Huntington, NY
3 - Matt Delano - Mt. Laurel, NJ
4 - Matthew Stevens - Brecksville, OH
5 - Daniel Wasserberg - New York, NY
6 - Brandon Vargas - Malverne, NY
7 - Steve Kotatis - New Milford, NJ
8 - Richard DeVito - Crestwood, NJ
9 - Hamdy Abdalla - Waterbury, CT
10 - Jim Weaver - Pittsburg, PA

Anthony Caruso is still the chip leader with about 190k.

On the first hand, the micro-short-stack of Brandon Vargas went into the pot. He ended up all-in against Richard DeVito. Brandon held AAxx and caught a third Ace on the turn. He more than doubled up.

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