Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fortini Defeats Blanda

Heads Up - Double Elimination ($2000 + $150)

Hayden Fortini had the chip advantage over Bill Blanda early in their match. At one point, Bill moved all-in on a board of Q T 5 7 A, but Hayden did not call.

Fortini defeats Blanda

After about an hour and a half of play, Hayden had all the chips and Bill was eliminated from the tournament.

Hayden (Vero Beach, FL) is just 21 years old, but cut his teeth playing online and in the Florida cardrooms. At the ripe old age of 19, he won two tournaments at the Isles in Popmano Beach. The first was a $900 tournament which paid him $59k. The other was a heads-up tournament, which earned him $50k.

Fortini advances to the next round and faces Christian Harder. That match will begin shortly.

The Lombardi v Schanbacher match got underway shortly after 4pm.

The semi-final match between Jeremy McLaughlin and Jesse Yaginuma is still in progress. No one yet has a significant lead.

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