Friday, September 17, 2010

Gavin Smith Takes Two in a Row and Other Action

Event 14: $1,500 + $150 No-Limit Hold'em

With the board showing 1074A on the turn, Gavin Smith checks the big blind, Eric Salinas bets 8,000 from the cutoff, and Gavin quickly calls. The river card is the J, and Gavin bets 40,000. Salinas tanks for a bit before he says, "You trying' to bluff me again, buddy?" Gavin says nothing. Salinas thinks a bit longer and folds, saying, "I'll get you next time." Salinas drops down to 50,000, and Gavin moves up to about 200,000.

The next hand, Jeff Coutroulis moves all in under the gun, and Gavin Smith calls from the small blind with 1010. Coutroulis shows AQ, and he'll need to improve to stay alive. As the board comes Kc4228, Coutroulis says, "At least I'm losing to Gavin." Gavin takes the pot with his pocket tens, and Coutroulis is eliminated. Gavin improves to nearly 250,000 in chips.

The next hand, Travell Thomas moves all in with a short stack from the cutoff, and Chris McCormack wakes up in the big blind with QQ. Travell shows K10, and he'll need to improve. The board comes 76295, and McCormack takes the pot with his queens to bust Travell Thomas. McCormack now has about 70,000 in chips.

At Table 1, Leonard Cortellino has apparently built up a loose image. Cortellino had a raise of 14,200 in front of him in the small blind, and George Antonakos was thinking from the button. Antonakos reraises another 21,300, and Cortellino asks for a count of his remaining chips. (Antonakos has about 46,000 behind.) Cortellino moves all in, and Antonakos asks, "Is this one of those times where you actually have it?" Cortellino says nothing, and Antonakos thinks a bit longer and folds. As Cortellino takes the pot and begins stacking chips, Antonakos says, "How could you possibly be bluffing there?" Cortellino builds his stack to about 177,000, while Antonakos drops to about 46,000.

Here are some updated chip counts:

Andrew Dykeman - 250,000
Gavin Smith - 250,000
Jason Dewitt - 192,00
Leonard Cortellino - 177,000
Allen Bari - 165,000
Mike Beasley - 99,000
Dale Pinchot - 95,000
Gordon Eng - 90,000
Maria Ho - 87,000
Brian Lemke - 73,000
Eric Salinas - 50,000
George Antonakos - 46,000
Kevin Calenzo - 40,000

Olivier Busquet - Eliminated
Jeff Coutroulis - Eliminated
Matthew Haynes - Eliminated
Travell Thomas - Eliminated

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