Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Greg Merritt Is The Bubble Boy


Greg Merritt Is The Bubble Boy

It was an exciting money bubble to say the least.  With 102 players remaining, John D'Agostino on the button called an all for 62k.  When his opponent tabled AK, D'Agostino exclaimed, "Why would I call your all in? You haven't played a hand all day."  He then proceeded to show a dominated AQ.  When the flop fell TJ4, D'Agostino perked up as he had picked up a gutshot, but was still drawing to 3 outs.  The 3 on the turn changed nothing -- D'Agostino would still need a king to eliminate his opponent.  In dramatic fashion, the river fell K, and just like that we were down to 101.

Amazingly, our next elimination came on table 7 as well, which we predicted would see some action today.  Greg Merritt started the action with a raise to 17k from the button, and Giuseppe Pantaleo called from the small blind.  The flop fell 248, and Pantaleo check raised Merritt's 45k bet to 100,500.  Merritt promptly moved all in, and Pantaleo snapped call, showing 22.  Merritt was in trouble, holding pocket kings.  When the turn and river fell 96, Pantaleo laid claim to Merritt's remaining stack of about 250k, and Merritt was the unfortunate bubble boy.

The remaining players were very celebratory, but none more than Travell Thomas who squeeeeeeeked into the money with a chip stack of 17k.  "170k?" someone asked.  "That's the next step," responded Thomas, who was thrilled with his guaranteed cash.  Meanwhile, Dan O'Brien bought himself a celebratory ice cream as he continues his run towards his second WPT final table this year.

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