Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heads-Up Lead Reversal


Heads-up play began with Kia Mohajeri holding about a 3:2 lead in chips over Dwyte Pilgrim.  After about 18 hands of small-ball play, Dwyte had pulled dead even with Kia.   (If you can still call it "small-ball" when the minimum bet or raise is 400k.)

Then this hand occurred:

Kia limped on the button and Dwyte checked.  The flop rolled out Q 6 5.   Both checked.

The turn was the 8.   Dwyte bet 400k (the minimum).  Kia raised another million on top.  Dwyte called. 

The river was the K and Dwyte bet 400k.  Kia raised another 2.5 million.  After a few seconds thought, Dwyte called.  Kia showed A7 off for Ace-high.  Dwyte showed K7 for a pair of Kings to take the pot.

Dwyte has exchanged chip positions with Kia.  He now has about 19 million to Kia's 12 million.

Blinds went up to 250k/500k with 75k antes.

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