Saturday, September 11, 2010

"I Wish They Had a Bad Beat Jackpot For Tournaments"

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

The money bubble continues with 37 players, and a huge hand developed at Table 3 that caught everyone by complete surprise.

Eugene Kleyman raised from middle position to 16,000, and Cal Corum (West Orange, NJ) called from the small blind. Both players quickly and quietly checked to the river on a board of 6 4 4 2 4.

At that point, Corum bet 20,000, and Kleyman thought for a moment before saying "Raise" and putting out a stack of 20,000. Then Corum said "All in" before Kleyman had decided how much to raise. The dealer tried to pause the action, but Kleyman just shrugged and put out a token raise as he said, "I call."

Kleyman turned over 6 4 for a flopped full house (fours full of sixes) that improved to quad fours on the river. Corum was shocked, and flipped over 6 6 for sixes full of fours.

The hand was over before other tables knew anything was happening, but players quickly came over to see the quads vs the full house.

Kleyman's stack was counted down, and it was 79,700, and Corum shipped that amount over. After the hand, Kleyman had 238k to Corum's 162k.

Eugene Kleyman doubled up on the Money Bubble with quads over a full house

As he was stacking his chips, Kleyman said, "I wish they had a bad beat jackpot for tournaments." A few players pointed out that the hand wouldn't have qualified for most jackpots, because he didn't have two of the quad cards in his hand. But Kleyman was just joking around.

As hand-for-hand play continued on the money bubble, talk continued about the hand. Kleyman said that when he flopped a full house, he was thinking to himself, "I hope he has aces." Corum said he slow-played his full house, thinking, "He's got to be making a move soon."

Kleyman then explained why he didn't insta-call with the nuts when Corum moved all in on the river. "I couldn't believe he moved all in. I thought, 'Are there five 4's in this deck?' "

A few minutes later, Kleyman told Corum, "I hope you take second place. Seriously."

One last postscript. Kleyman has been updating his friends via text messages, but his phone's battery died shortly before that hand, so they won't know what happened until they read this post in The Borgata Blog.

Update: I've been misspelling Eugene Kleyman's last name as "Klaeyman." I think I've fixed it everywhere it appears, but I apologize for the error.

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