Saturday, September 11, 2010

"I Would've Called....

Event 5: $1000 + $90 NL

....if this were an internet tournament."

The board is K 6 4 when Soheil Shamseddin (Houston, TX) moves all-in during the tournament's first orbit.

Greg Joslyn (Milford, NJ) debates on a call and tells Shamseddin that he has the nut flush draw. After Joslyn folds, Shamseddin shows 4 7 for a pair of 4s.

"I know he's not calling because it'll be another week before he plays in another $1,000 tournament," says Shamseddin who risked 14k to win a 1k pot.

"If we were on-line I definitely would've called," says Joslyn who's not quite ready to gamble.

Joselyn, Just a Click Away

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