Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Justin Cillo Takes the Lead With 50 Players Left

Event 13: $170 + $30 No-Limit Hold'em (2 Re-Entry)

A new chipleader has emerged as the field continues to shed players fairly rapidly -- there are 50 players left. Justin Cirillo of Brooklyn, New York is the first player we've seen over the 500,000-chip mark, and he is already up to 615,000.

Chipleader Justin Cirillo

At Table 3, there was a three-way preflop all-in situation between Tommy K (small blind), Mike Moran (big blind), and Bobby Cheung (middle position).

Bobby Cheung: A3
Mike Moran: A10
Tommy K: 88

The board came K66K5, and the pocket eights held up for Tommy K to nearly triple up to 205,000. Moran was eliminated, while Cheung dropped down to about 200,000 in chips.

A short while later, four players saw a 10-high flop and checked to the button, who moved all in. Bobby Cheung was about to call out of position, when Mike "Little Man" Sica stopped him, indicating there were other players who had to act first. Cheung repeated something he's been saying all day with his thick accent, "I'm a professional! I'm a professional!" Several players at the table laughed, and Cheung was having a good time.

The other players folded, and Cheung called with Q-10 for a pair of tens with a queen kicker. His opponent showed 10-9 for the same pair with a lower kicker, and Cheung gave an over-the-top mock celebration. The turn card was a Q, and Cheung clinched the pot with two pair, saying, "Professional, right here!"

That pot took Bobby Cheung up to about 280,000 in chips. Here's a look at some of the notables and chipleaders still in the field:

Justin Cillo - 615,000
Martin Belous - 490,000
Gina Leone - 475,000
Alex Torres - 398,000
Bobby Cheung - 280,000
Paul Spitzberg - 240,000
Tommy K - 205,000
Gary "Lindell" King - 125,000
Mike "Little Man" Sica - 65,000
Mike LaTour - 80,000

Luke Smith - Eliminated
Mike Moran - Eliminated

We had listed Gary "Lindell" King as being eliminated in our last post, but it turns out he was just out of his seat. He is still in the tournament with 125,000 in chips, as listed above.

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